Fintech provides a number of technical management services to clients ranging from ad-hoc inspections to full lease management functions.  Our lease management work scopes are developed taking into consideration the circumstances of the lease and the risk profile of the lessor or financier.  We currently manage, to varying levels, over 50 aircraft on behalf of financial institutions.  


Financial institutions routinely require an independent company to manage and advise on the technical condition of their assets that are being financed through the duration of an operating or finance lease. Fintech undertakes this role on a variety of regional aircraft through the analysis and completion of monthly status reports and regular on-site physical inspections.  All data, including status and audit reports, aircraft records and delivery data is securely stored on our server and accessible to clients through a secure log-in portal.    Our continuous monitoring process involves the use of on-site meetings and follow up letters when lease covenants are not adhered to.   Our fee structure is realistic and is calculated against an agreed workscope. 


Fintech has undertaken numerous delivery, re-delivery and repossession projects worldwide under varying conditions.   Our objective is to work with the client to ensure that technical and commercial issues are resolved with the next lessee, in a harmonious manner and to provide solutions when contentious problems arise.  We have significant experience of both the EASA and FAA requirements and are able to provide complete transition solutions, including the provision of boroscope, FAA DAR and ferry pilot services if required.  


Fintech has completed numerous audits around globe.  These reviews vary in scope and are largely driven by the objective of the client.  Typically the audit will consist of an inspection of the aircraft and associated records or it may require a review of the entire technical and flight operations departments, which is normally required when lessors are completing transaction due diligence.  Our inspections are completed either by experienced EASA or FAA certified engineers and or pilots.  Our objectives are to identify areas of concern and, if required by the client, to work with the operator to resolve these issues to a satisfactorily conclusion.  Our reports are logical, well written and include a wealth of information.   This service is also undertaken for clients requesting a Level 3 appraisal report.