Fintech provides appraisal services for all types of commercial aircraft.  As a result of the continued demand for narrow-body assets by owners and operators the majority of our appraisal work is related to single aisle aircraft, regional jets and turbo-props.   Our understanding of this market is greatly enhanced as a consequence of the data that we collate through our asset management functions and this translates into accurate, detailed, and data rich reports with realistic values.   In addition, our relationship with Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier and other OEMs ensures that we are able to access and utilise current product information.   

Fintech has an assortment of appraisal services available to those parties who wish to have an informed opinion of the value of an asset.  All of our appraisals are produced in accordance with those guidelines published and approved by the International Board of Governors of Appraisers from the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT).  This society approves and certifies appraisers ensuring that they meet minimum knowledge standards.   All of the appraisals produced by Fintech are approved by a Senior Certified ISTAT appraiser.  

In addition to providing individual appraisals, Fintech also publishes  ‘The Single Aisle Aircraft Value Guide’.


An opinion letter provides the user with a Current Market Value based on the date of manufacture of the Aircraft.  It does not take into account the specification of the Aircraft or the maintenance status.  


This appraisal provides an opinion of the Current Market Value (CMV) of an aircraft or engine adjusted for the following factors: 

  1. Date of Manufacture
  2. Specification
  3. Maintenance Condition

The report also includes a review of the overall market, related aircraft market and trading activity.   We also produce constant and current Future Value curves which take into account realistic economic lives, the effect of importation requirements and competing products.   


The Full Appraisal combines a Desk Top Maintenance Adjusted report and a physical audit of the Aircraft and relevant records. It is normally requested when owners face a unique situation and require an on-site assessment of the asset, taking into account the actual condition , previous or lack of maintenance, storage conditions and record deficiencies.  Our extensive hands-on experience of dealing with these types of issues ensures that suitable financial adjustments are made within the appraisal report to accurately reflect the impact of those issues that potential buyers are likely highlight.  


Fintech are able to calculate the value of a portfolio taking into consideration the requirements of the client.  Values for  Base, Current Market Value, Adjusted Current Market value and Future Value can all be provided. 


Fintech has previously provided expert appraisal witness services to the UK High Court.  As part of the proceedings of a typical case we are requested to review relevant parts of the case files, provide assistance to the instructing law firm, generate an Expert Witness report and provide evidence under oath.   We are able to supply expert assistance on a number of subjects relating to leasing through to aircraft valuations.